Articles from Tasting India Symposium 2nd Edition





  1. Publication: The Sunday Guardian (Scan attached)

Date: 17th Dec 2017



  1. Publication: HT City (Scan attached)

Date: 21st Dec 2017

Title: The foodonomics of Indian Cuisine – as a media net policy HT City never mentions the event


  1. Publication: The Pioneer

Date: 21st Dec 2017

Title: When street food is safe





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Traces of the North with Sanjoo Malhotra as a Trace Explorer- Posts and Articles


  1. Article 1. Denmark- Copenhagen Food:
  2. Article 2. Hospitality Biz : Setting a sustainable agenda for India:


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This past week I had the honour to visit Tijara Organic Farm an organic, biodynamic farm run by the very down to earth brilliant farmer Sneh Yadav. Sneh is a botanist and plant geneticist, humanist, environmentalist who has imbibed her knowledge and management skills to create an institution at her circular economy farm. She has created a zero waste farm run on solar power, where she has employed local traditional farmers to harness traditional knowhow with scientific sustainable practices and gives equal opportunities to females and males alike, with innovations like the state of the art rural no-electricity fridge created out of mud. Her farm animals are treated with so much love and care and are fed the best of organic healthy food that one can easily imagine being reborn here. I had the good fortune to partake in an authentic fab farm to table lunch and hope that management leaders can learn from Tijara Organic Farm and Sneh Yadav on creating a sustainable model of work, living and community development.
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