DECEMBER 13 : 1:00 TO 6.00 P.M.:

Venue: Fifth Floor, FDA Bhawan, Kotla Road


OBJECTIVE: The principal aim of the Indo-Nordic Food Policy Workshop is to draw inspiration from Nordic food policies and success stories, especially the ones celebrated in the Nordic Solutions Menu, and also learn from the experience of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The Nordic Model of Collaborations will be studied closely to enable the FSSAI benchmark its partnerships with central government departments and autonomous bodies, state governments, food companies, school boards, public health specialists and nutritionists.

SUGGESTED OUTCOME: Road Map for increased cooperation in the years ahead between the Nordic Food Policy Lab and the FSSAI.


12:30 TO 13:00: Registration
13:00 TO 14:00: Lunch
14:00 TO 17:30: Knowledge Exchange

14:00 TO 14:10: Welcome Address by the FSSAI Chairperson, Ms Rita Teaotia.
14:10 TO 14:15: Setting the Background: Sanjoo Malhotra, Co-Founder, Tasting India Symposium
14:15 TO 14:35: Introduction to the Round Table: Mads Frederik Fischer-Möller, Senior Adviser, Nordic Food Policy Lab

The Nordic Experience: An Overview of 50 Years of Public Health Initiatives.
Setting standards and sharing experiences on building partnerships and disseminating nutritional information to consumers through different communication channels.
Introduction to the round table and the road ahead.

14:35 TO 14.45: Mr Pawan Agarwal, Secretry, Govt. of India, and CEO, FSSAI
Why Eat Right? Key Components of the FSSAI’s most ambitious food policy intervention.

– 14:45 TO 15.25: Maja Overgaard Lund, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
The secret ingredients to successful labelling and public-private partnerships on nutrition – experiences, challenges and results. Including learning from The Nordic Keyhole, The Danish Whole Grain Partnership and the brand new Danish Innovation Partnership.

– 15:25 TO 15:35: Knud Østergaard, The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
The Road to Zero Trans-Fats

– 15:35 TO 16:15: Finland’s Deputy Head of Mission, Erik af Hällström, FSSAI Representative, Maja Overgaard Lund and others.

Mass Eat Right Interventions: Nordic inputs on India’s challenges regarding tweaking Airline, Railway, School and Workplace Catering to contain overweight and obesity. Lessons from Nordic public and school meals as well as the Danish Meal Labelling scheme for large-scale kitchens.

– 16:15 TO 16:25: COFFEE BREAK

– 16:25 TO 16:35: Mads Fischer-Møller
Monitoring the market for unhealthy foods and beverages, especially those targeting children and young adults, to prevent overweight and obesity.

– 16:35 TO 16:55: FSSAI Representative, Mads Fischer-Møller and perhaps others
Providing holistic approaches to healthy and sustainable diets and putting smart models in place to reduce the environmental impact of meals.

16:55 TO 17:30: Mrs Madhavi Dass, Executive Director, FSSAI, and Mads Fischer-Möller
Concluding Remarks. The Road Ahead: Pinpointing areas of Indo-Nordic cooperation.

17:30 TO 18:00: High Tea